Narrow victory suggests vote a good idea

COLUMBIA, Mo 8/24/15 (Reprint) -- Roll carts have won a narrow victory over trash bags in a US Green Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Chapter poll up since May 18. 

The 90-day poll surveyed 362 respondents.  Forty seven percent (171 responses) supported roll carts.   Forty two percent (153) supported Columbia's current trash bag system.  Another 10% (38 responses) supported some combination of roll carts and trash bags, which could include an elective system, i.e. trash customers decide which system they want to use.   

The results are logical.  Roll carts set up an early lead in the poll, designed to screen out duplicate answers via IP address.  At one point, the Columbia Daily Tribune displayed an online poll showing similar results. 

Petitioners are seeking a public vote on the issue, which may mean advocates for both sides will have to sway Columbia's version of independent or undecided voters:  the 10% who support some combination of trash bags and roll carts.  

The US Green Chamber has taken no position on the issue, but provided the data for educational purposes only. 

The poll is now closed.

Reprinted with permission of the US Green Chamber of Commerce