A sustainable mission

COLUMBIA, Mo 03/17/15 (Reprint) -- "Eco-centric agriculture" is what Bluebird Composting is all about.

It is Bluebird’s mission to explore greener and more sustainable agricultural methods, explains owner and founder Rana Bains.  Bains launched an Organic Waste Recycling Program in Mid-Missouri that allowed him to create OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)-listed Bluebird Premium Blend Organic Compost.

"We help local farmers, food vendors, schools, hospitals, and individuals manage their organic waste," Bains says on the firm's website. "These efforts prevent tons (and we mean TONS!) of material from ending up in landfills, where they rot, releasing methane and potential run-off into our water supply."

Bains studied sustainable agriculture at the University of Vermont, intrigued by the science and benefits of composting, which turned into both mission and passion: create the best compost in the market. "All of us at Bluebird Composting strive for sustainability in our own lives," Bains explains on the company website. "We are passionate about providing a product that is sustainable and encourages others to grow sustainably."

The Bluebird team collects waste material and combines it in specific ratios, under special conditions, turning it into premium compost. "This organic compost can feed the soil, reducing our unhealthy dependence on harmful chemical fertilizers, and helping us be a little kinder to our Mother Earth," Bains says.

Interested companies should consider joining Bluebird's "Green Team," which includes Columbia-based Shakespeare’s Pizza, Stephens College, Ingredient Restaurant, and Blue Ridge Elementary School.

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Reprinted with permission of the CoMo Chapter of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce