Renewable energy from Mother Earth

COLUMBIA, 4/16/13 (Profile) 
-- "How Green are You?" asks O2 Geothermal's Jim Oakley.

Oakley recently joined the Columbia Green Chamber of Commerce because its members share his passion for sustainable living and consumer education.  

"Sustainability is all about education," Oakley says, emphasizing that companies like his are leading the way to a new, more cost-effective and pollution-free sustainable energy future with a simple but powerful tool:  outreach.

O2 Geothermal, Oakley explains, installs residential, commercial, and agricultural renewable energy systems such as ground source (geothermal) heat pumps.   With installations stretching from St. Louis to Kansas City, Lake of the Ozarks to Northern Arkansas, Oakley is confident O2 Geo is mid-Missouri's renewable energy installations leader.  

"Our expertise is creative solutions to energy-consumption," he explains.  "Ground source heat pumps deliver impressive results for largest users of energy:  heating and cooling." 

Ground source heat pumps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and service:   Forced air heating and cooling; hydronic (in the floor) heating; even in the pavement to melt snow. 

O2's expertise is put to the test with "careful initial engineered calculations, and attention to installation details like equipment and duct sizing," Oakley says.  

Most important of all:  Working with Mother Earth.  "Proper installation of energy loop systems buried underground that become the heart of the fuel source insure your heat pump investment," he adds. 

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