From pay-as-you-go to pay-as-you-wish
COLUMBIA, Mo 7/18/13 (Beat Byte) -- Columbia Upcycle may offer more new takes on old but hip concepts than any company we've reviewed.

An arts and crafts supply store, the company sells so-called "post-consumer goods" for artwork: a new take on recycling.
And rather than pay as you go pricing, it's pay as you wish. "This can be a new concept for many people," company representative Michelle Melville-Kashon explains on Upcycle's website. "Columbia Upcycle would like our customers to pay what they think is fair for store items. You pay what you believe is a fair price." The store also offers shop credit for unwanted craft materials.
Finally, there's that new take on the Flash Mob or the pop-up thunderstorm. Columbia Upcycle operates as a so-called "pop up store."
"We don’t have a store front yet," Melville-Kashon explains. "We operate by setting up shop at local events and at other hosting stores in Columbia."
For resale as art supplies, the store looks for everything from Wine Corks to Scrabble Tiles, posting a page-long materials "wish list". Shoppers receive 10 gallon baskets to fill with materials, at an average price of $20 per basket.
"Someone may pay far less than $20 for a basket of egg cartons or wine bottles," Melville-Kashon says. "Someone may pay more than $20 for a basket of boutique yarn or fine fabrics."
If you have any artsy recyclables, contact Columbia Upcycle at ColumbiaUpcycle at
"We aim to please the creative community!" Melville-Kashon says.
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