Avoiding the Red X of Death 

COLUMBIA, Mo 2/21/14 (Beat Byte) --
For Columbia residents who thought that they would never see a sidewalk go around a tree, a Hallelujah moment! 

City public works crews have taken a cue from Cooperstown, New York, routing a newly-repaired sidewalk around a large tree on South Glenwood Avenue (slide show).   The curved route helps the sidewalk avoid the roots, a problem previous city workers have handled by chopping down trees

Ground zero for tree-related controversies, the Old Southwest may be home to more old-growth trees than any other part of Columbia.  Residents complained in 2012 that city crews were too aggressive cutting down a line of decades-old sweet gum trees on Westwood Avenue without public notice. 

The only warning:  ominous red X's painted on trees targeted for removal.  

After the controversy, Old Southwest residents Bob and De Minner suggested city officials try rerouting sidewalks to go around big trees.   Bob stands in the photo above, on a Cooperstown sidewalk during a visit. 

Looks like City Hall took their advice.