How about using $3 million earmarked for "shovel ready sites" to shovel dirt and bury power lines?

COLUMBIA, 4/18/13 (Beat Byte) -- In a move reminiscent of a controversy last year, Johnny Bad-Apple Seed may be at it again, quietly marking a giant favorite tree for the City Hall ax.

"The large tree that shades the intersection of Garth and Stewart Roads from the southwest corner has the city's red X of death on it," Stewart Rd. resident Frances Dickey has informed the neighborhood listserv. "Apparently Columbia Water and Light has marked it for removal because it leans into the wires."
The same City Hall department, readers may recall, has enough money in its reserve fund to pay $3 million for 100 acres of "shovel ready" land for private development. Perhaps that money could find a different use?
"Could the wires be moved so that the hundreds of pedestrians who are sheltered by this tree while waiting at this corner on their way to work and school every day can continue to enjoy its benefits?" Dickey asks. "In other parts of town the wires are buried. But almost every tree on Stewart Road has been taken out to suit the wires. What about suiting the people who live and walk on this street?"
Suiting the people who live and walk on the street. Johnny -- are you listening?
Dickey urges concerned residents to contact Morgan Long at Columbia Water & Light (874-6205) and/or your City Council member.