Letter references Facebook campaign against local landlord

by Christopher Braddock

COLUMBIA, Mo 10/1/13 (Op Ed) -- This office represents Garry Lewis Properties. The statement is written in response to prior requests for comment concerning Timber Ridge Townhomes.

The tenants (names redacted) in question moved into Timber Ridge Townhomes on August 1, 2013. No complaint was made to management about the quality or condition of the apartment at any time during the month of August.

On or about September 5, 2013, the tenants complained to management that they had noticed spiders in their apartment. The same day that the complaint was received, management contacted each tenant in the building, and notified them that each unit would be sprayed for insects.

Each unit in the building was then sprayed September 6, 2013, at 1:30 p.m., including the interior, exterior and attic of the building.

On or about September 11, 2013, a City of Columbia Code Enforcement Specialist, Jake Martin, inspected the units. During the City inspection zero (0) live spiders were found, and Mr. Martin confirmed that there was no infestation. He found that the management had taken all of the steps required in handling this situation.

Timber Ridge Townhomes takes any complaint by tenants seriously. It is very important to the management to respond quickly and professionally to any issue raised by tenants. In this situation, Timber Ridge Townhomes resolved the reported situation in less than twenty-four hours as verified by the City of Columbia Code Enforcement Specialist.

The complaining tenants also were offered the opportunity to sublease the apartment, or to move to a different complex. The tenants declined to do so.
Christopher Braddock
Attorneys at Law
Columbia, Mo 65201
Attorneys for Timber Ridge Townhomes