All-important liquor license might be hard to come by
COLUMBIA, 9/6/12 (Beat Byte) -- A man who told Columbia City Council members Tuesday he wants to resurrect the defunct "Tiger Town" sports fan venue is facing multiple charges related to a February DWI arrest *(see update below) that have had him in and out of Boone County Circuit Court over a dozen times, and may impact his ability to secure a liquor license.

Andrew Calvin Ouart, 32, said he would finance party tents, tailgating, and other Tiger Town events that would serve liquor and broadcast football games to as many as 10,000 fans.  He hopes to collect a $15 per person cover charge and hold the event at Peace Park, but must first secure various permissions from City Hall and Mizzou.

"The city is currently working with Ouart to finalize the location of the tailgate and provide him with a liquor license," KOMU news reported.  

But a liquor license may be hard to come by if Ouart is convicted.   Liquor license applications ask if applicants have ever been convicted of "the violation of any city ordinance, Federal law, or law of the state of Missouri relating to intoxicating liquor."

Charged in February with driving while intoxicated and driving in the wrong direction on a divided highway, Ouart -- living in Oxford, Miss. at the time -- pled Not Guilty and asked for a court date.  He has had a tortuous trip through the courts since. 

After the court scheduled a February 24, 2012 trial date, Ouart's attorney, Bogdan Susan, continued (rescheduled) the case to April 24.   Then he continued it again, to May 22; again, to June 19; to July 17; to August 21; and finally, to September 25.  
The seven rescheduled court dates parallel a Missouri Department of Revenue action against Ouart seeking to revoke his driver's license for refusing a breathalyzer test.

Shortly after his February 2 arrest, Ouart also filed a lawsuit against the Columbia Police Department as a pro se (self-represented) litigant.  Though court records are not clear, he may have been trying to appeal his drivers license revocation under 302.311 RSMo.   The court dismissed the suit two days later for failure to properly name a defendant.

Ouart has yet to submit a formal plan for the new Tiger Town to city administrators.   He did not respond to questions and a request for comment.

Errata:  An earlier version of this story mistakenly named Michael Bradley as Mr. Ouart's attorney. 

*STORY UPDATE, 5/9/13:    "The charge was reduced from a DWI to Careless Driving," Mr. Ouart tells the Heart Beat.   In March, Ouart pled guilty to Operating A Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner, a misdemeanor offense.    The court suspended a 60-day jail sentence and placed Ouart on 2 years unsupervised probation.