Controversial Rob and Sara Hill development sparks call to "rally the troops"
COLUMBIA, 1/24/13 (Beat Byte) -- A delayed Columbia planning and zoning commission meeting is "finally a go for tomorrow," says Sandy McCann, who with other neighbors is vigorously opposing a 60-80 unit subdivision on property next to Rock Bridge State Park owned by developer Rob Hill and his wife, local media celeb Sarah Hill.
Mr. Hill and his engineer "are due to present the development" at the Thursday meeting (tonight, 7 pm, Columbia City Hall chambers), McCann explained in an email.
"Rob is supposed to show some petition where homeowners support the development," before public comment, she said, hoping Hill cannot request another postponement or "tabling." Developers are allowed to table decisions twice, and only under "extraordinary circumstances," can they request further delays.

Saying she hopes to "rally the troops and pack the house," McCann says citizen voices "have made a difference in this development plan. Hopefully more changes will come after we voice our opinions tomorrow."