Responding to controversy over plans to build 65 homes and 11 duplexes next to state park

COLUMBIA, 12/22/12 (Beat Byte) -- Columbia rental property manager and developer Rob Hill has responded to a Heart Beat story about neighborhood controversy over his plans to build a new subdivision next to Rock Bridge State Park.
"You've got some errors in your story about the upscale single family subdivision on Route K ," Hill explained. "The information you got from the one source you interviewed was incorrect."

He summarized his concerns in these five points. The Heart Beat responds below.


1. Neighbors support the development. Call me. I'd be happy to put you in touch with them or you could seek them out yourself. More than 70 property owners near the development have signed a statement that they support/do not oppose the development of upscale single family homes and villas and to interview one person without talking to multiple neighbors is an error of omission.

2. No duplexes. Your mention of duplexes is incorrect. Parkside is an upscale single family homes project with a small section of villas which as you know are an entirely different aesthetic structure than duplexes. Have you seen the Villas at Old Hawthorne? Those aren't duplexes. If you want to know the difference, check out Jacob Barker's Tribune article that you linked to. Also, this is not a student duplex subdivision as your one source maintained.

3. Sandy McCann is not an adjacent property owner.

4. The photo you used in your story was NOT from the development project Promotional brochures or photos don't exist. If it was a simulation by you of what the development might look like, you need to have a disclaimer in there otherwise you're giving your readers the false impression that's what the subdivision will look like. Another option is to credit a source for your photo.

5. My wife, Sarah, is clearly not a developer and to elude to her being a developer is misleading to your readers. KOMU-TV is also not involved in the project in any way.

Thx, Rob, though I'm not sure which story you're reading. It doesn't sound like ours. Our story does NOT refer to:

1) Parkside as a "student duplex subdivision"

2) Sandy McCann as an "adjacent property owner." We refer to her, accurately I believe, as an "area resident."

3) Your wife Sarah as a developer. (She is listed on your plan as your partner and co-owner: Robert and Sarah Hill, Trustee's Deed recorded).

4) KOMU TV being involved (???)

Meanwhile, Columbia Daily Tribune reporter Jacob Barker also refers to 11 duplexes, more than once, in his story:

You're now saying "No Duplexes" with emphasis. Have you changed your plan since Nov. 17?

Finally, you've never contacted me before about factual errors. I contacted Sarah and she referred me to you over the Grasslands brouhaha.

PS: In the interest of accuracy, it's "allude." "Elude" means to evade.