COLUMBIA, 7/7/12 (Beat Byte) -- In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act of 2010, aka Obamacare, as basically a big but Constitutional tax increase, Missouri State Representative Mary Still (right) is blasting State Senator Kurt Schaefer for "blocking" affordable health care in Missouri.
"As a member of the Health Insurance Committee I worked to create the framework for a health insurance exchange that would provide for a more transparent and competitive insurance market, which would bring down insurance rates for all Missourians," Rep. Still explained in a press release. "Senator Kurt Schafer (sic), my opponent in the District 19 senate race, voted to prohibit the exchange (SB464) and to create roadblocks for affordable healthcare."
Mr. Schaefer's office voice mail answered a phone call seeking comment, but no one from the Senator's office returned our call. Still, meanwhile, called the Supreme Court decision a "great victory."
"This decision means that college students and other young adults across the state have the option of remaining on their parent’s health insurance while they transition into their first job," she said. "It also means transparent, more affordable health care options for all Missourians through a statewide health Insurance exchange."