Raders of the Lost Art

COLUMBIA, Mo 4/4/15 (Beat Byte)
-- Media releases from First Ward Columbia City Council candidates Rob Rasmussen and Dan Rader urge "ending the pillage of downtown culture" and support for gay rights and related anti-discrimination measures, respectively.   

Raiding Downtown Culture Must Stop, says Rob Rasmussen

(Media Release) -- With the imminent destruction of the iconic Shakespeare’s downtown location looming, Rob Rasmussen tells First Ward constituents “anger isn’t enough” to end the pillage of culture downtown; encourage all to vote anti-establishment on Tuesday, April 7th.

Rob, endorsed by the Sierra Club, stands for smarter development and preservation of Como culture created by artisans and young entrepreneurs.

"Imagine Columbia 15, 20 years from now," said Rasmussen.  "Will it look and feel like Peoria, Lincoln, or Lawrence?  It will if this Rading (sic) isn’t stopped." 

[A play on words, "Rading" refers to the family of fellow First Ward candidate Dan Rader.  Jack and Julie Rader, the candidate's parents, own Bengals Bar and Grill and the Shakespeare's Pizza site, which they are demolishing to make way for another Odle family project]. 

Having met and discussed issues with the Downtown Leadership Council, Rob advocates for rezoning with smarter provisions to protect iconic institutions while increasing public space, green transportation, locally owned business, and tenant rights.

"Pricing out our local citizens for the exploitation of students is a pipeline that moves wealth in one direction - out of Columbia. We can do better," Rasmussen says.  "I’m not against development; I’m against irresponsible development – the kind of development that steals from our communities."

An avid cyclist, Rasmussen proposes a non-profit Student Housing Authority; Form-Based zoning restrictions; encouraging historic preservation, expansion of green space, and creating rent-controlled housing and business locations for local artists and young entrepreneurs.

Rader Promises to Oppose Discrimination, Push for Gay Rights on City Council

(Media Release) -- First Ward Columbia City Council candidate Dan Rader today pledged to oppose any discriminatory legislation before the Council and support efforts for further gay rights in Columbia.

Rader said he felt compelled to make this announcement following recently passed anti-LGBT measures in Indiana and Arkansas

Rader, who might be the first openly gay City Council member in Columbia’s history if elected on Tuesday, praised Columbia for historically being on the cutting edge when it comes to gay rights.

Columbia was one of the first cities in Missouri to pass an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation back in 1994.   In 2011 the Council added gender identity to the nondiscrimination ordinance.

"Diversity, tolerance and inclusion have historically been key values in Columbia," Rader said.  "But future city councils will need to continue to pursue these agendas if we are to be a welcoming community now and in the future."

Rader challenged other candidates for the Council to make this gay rights pledge as well.