COLUMBIA, 12/1/11  (Beat Byte) --  In a rare move that has local teachers excited, a childhood survivor of Nazi Germany's Terezin concentration camp has applauded students and teachers at Columbia's West Junior High School for their recent 2-day performance of Celeste Raspanti's play "I Never Saw Another Butterfly." 
In an email to West Junior teachers Sarah Gerling and Pamela Sisson entitled "Regards from a child survivor of the Terezin concentration camp," Inge Auerbacher -- an internationally-known author -- enclosed girlhood pictures of herself at Terezin and wished the teachers "wonderful performances." 

A child's view of Nazi internment, "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" is set during the Second World War at Terezin, a facility in the former Czechoslovakia that routinely sent internees to the death camp at Auschwitz. 
"I spent 3 years at Terezin between 7-10 years of age," Auerbacher explained.  "The book I Am A Star deals with my life at Terezin, and has become a classic (it is in 8 languages -- a Penguin and Scholastic book).   I wanted to wish the cast all my best wishes and love. I only wish I could have seen the performance and embrace all of you."

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