Eric Plott's plot to plant palms powers up for Christmas and the Holidays
COLUMBIA, 12/8/11  (Beat Byte)  -- Last year, mid-Missouri welcomed a pioneering horticultural project:  Eric Plott planted 10 tiny palm trees with no protection against the harsh weather.  Five survived last year's winter, and now he's planting 70 more.  Unusual Christmas gift idea, anyone?
Speaking of the Holidays, this year Plott decorated one of the trees just as the year's first snow began to fall (videos here):

"We Retail Cold Hardy Palm Trees (outdoor and indoor) to the Midwest," Plott says, figuring on a few years before the palms finally take and survive in a temperature region most growers consider too cold for palms and other tropical plants.   He also offers other exotic plants, including Passion of Christ flower, Clemente banana, and various species of Yucca. 
Plott must be doing something right.  He has over 3,400 Facebook friends and a growing library of Missouri palm tree educational videos. 
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