A local realtor's long quest shows Columbia is behind the times

COLUMBIA, 11/25/11 (Op-Ed) -- In American city after American city, brick streets are being restored, not only for their historic character and charm, but for their durability and low maintenance. 
In Columbia, however, brick street restoration is a piecemeal affair, often involving a fight with the city's public works department, whose leader, John Glascock, earlier this year dismissed brick street restoration proponents as "those historical people." 
On something of a personal crusade for the past 5 years, local realtor Brent Gardner (above left) hasn't let the short-sightedness get him down. He sees the value in brick streets so many other communities see, a sampling of which we've included here:

Ways to restore brick streets -- Florida and Illinois
City of Orlando guide to Brick Street restoration
Bricks Are Back: Saving the City's Brick Streets is on City Hall's Front Burner
City of St. Augustine, Florida http://www.cpsa-staug.org/
Brick street restoration in: 
Topeka, Kansas
Holton, Kansas
Chicago Tribune: Red Bricks Resurfacing as Asphalt loses luster
Albion, Illinois
Bloomington, Illinois
LaGrange, Indiana

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  1. The restoration of brick streets in downtown Columbia would be great. It may cost more in the outset, but lower maintenance costs have been proven.


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