A shirtless Fergie raises eyebrows -- and pulse rates 

COLUMBIA, Mo 2/16/14 (Beat Byte) -- Lovers gonna luv and haters gonna hate a new picture of Ryan Ferguson the now-worldwide celebrity has posted on his Facebook page as part of a new book campaign. 

The picture (left) shows Ferguson shirtless with a cosmetician at Columbia's Dermistique Face and Body spa.  It's both a publicity shot -- and another new experience -- for Ferguson, wrongfully incarcerated for a decade, a Missouri appellate court panel decided last year

"Getting ready to take photos for my new e-book…and had my first experience of a spray tan!" Ferguson told fans.  "Go ahead and make fun.  How would you caption this photo?" 

From the 138 Facebook shares and over 1,600 comments, the pic looks like a runaway hit, leaving female -- and a few male fans -- breathlessly enthused.  

"DAMMMMMNNNNN! Looking Great!"

"You are incredible, love!"  

"Nothing wrong with a sexy photo."

"I'm gay Ryan.  You don't want to know what I would say!" 

Of course, a few naysayers weighed in, seemingly troubled Ferguson is not bearing the weight of his once-dire situation with enough gravity; or doing enough to help others who've been wrongfully convicted of a crime.

Ferguson has, in fact, taken up the cause of Mark Woodworth, now on his third trial for the same murder;  befriended and supported Amanda Knox, whose similarly unusual murder conviction has had a roller-coaster history in Italy; and he is also working to free Chuck Erickson, his co-defendant in the murder of Columbia Daily Tribune sportswriter Kent Heitholt. 

The publicity interlude should be kept in proper context, Ferguson's fans remind. 

"For everyone complaining that Ryan Ferguson hasn't 'done enough' for others that have been wrongfully convicted and bitching every time he posts something fun and lighthearted:  Shut up. Just shut up," Meghan Inabinet wrote on his FB page.   "The man has been out for 4 measly months after 10 years in prison.  He is trying to adjust to 'normal' life, help others that are going through what he did, and deal with the weirdness that is even a small measure of fame."