Popular gala enters 15th year

COLUMBIA, 2/5/13 (Beat Byte) -- The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission will hold its annual Notable Historic Property gala Tuesday, February 5, at the Daniel Boone Building City Hall annex. Established in 1998, the gala -- which honors 10 or so properties notable for various historic features -- is free and open to the public.

Past notable properties are a varied lot -- some humble, some grand, both public and private. They include Grant Elementary School, Wabash Station, the Heibel-March Store, the Blue Note and the Shotgun House, moved in 2009 from the corner of Garth and Worley Streets to the Boone County Historical Society. "Fostering civic beauty, community pride, and appreciation for history," the Notable Property gala is usually a standing room only event that includes award presentations, a reception, and a look at past winners.
To be eligible, properties must be over 50 years old, located in the city limits, and notable in some way: the home of a famous person, the design of a famous architect, a special renovation, or a property endangered with demolition or decay. Though a list of notable properties has yet to be released, rumor has it the historic Pi Phi Sorority House on the Mizzou campus is among the honorees.
Reception starts at 6:30; presentations at 7 pm.