SpoonerRowdenColumbia, Mo (Beat Byte) -- Powerful public figures with a penchant for punching CoMo peeps, look out!

A mystery memer named for a libertarian anarchist might spoof you, complete with Nazi paraphernalia, cartoonish costume, or wacky wordplay -- some of it profane -- bubbling out of your mouth.

The Instagram meme artist known as Spoonermeme has been taking Columbia politicians, policy makers, and plain old misbehavors to task for about a year, calling out what he -- or she -- considers boorish behavior.

A Spoonermeme favorite before he lost the Third Ward City Council seat, Karl Skala may have racked up the most appearances, often accompanied by his signature "Regards, Karl" sign-off, code for condescension in his social media interactions.

Another fave target -- former Mayor Brian Treece, who apparently aggravated the mystery memer by opposing ARPA funds for homeless services and snapping at First Ward City Councilwoman Pat Fowler.

SpoonerHinnantMore obscure targets include the now-infamous blood-smearing Karen at Klik's Restaurant, a viral sensation on Facebook; Senator Caleb Rowden's forehead to face ratio; Eagle radio host Branden Rathert as a German SS officer; NAACP leader Mary Ratliff selling out to The Man; and a new dress code for female Missouri legislators reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale.

Named for American anarchist philosopher Lysander Spooner, Spoonermeme's photo shopping isn't subtle, and it never hits John Stewart or even John Darkow-level satire.

But subtle humor is a hard sell in this age of hashtags, TikToks, and Insta pix, so for your daily dose of contemporary political cartooning, Spoonermeme is worth a look.

One thing's for sure -- you won't have to think about the punch line.

 Spoonermeme on Instagram

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