A case of Click baiting?    

COLUMBIA, 5/2/16 (Beat Byte) --  "You're not gonna Melissa Click me, mother fucker!  Get outta here."  

The recipient of a scolding that turns "Melissa Click" into a verb could only be Mark Schierbecker, back with another video, this time featuring protestors outside Columbia's Planned Parenthood headquarters (click photo for video). 

"You did a disgusting thing," the protestor tells Schierbecker, a Mizzou student turned digital videographer.  "You made a problem out of nothing with the Melissa Click thing.  I don't have any use for you.  Go fuck yourself."

Schierbecker achieved renown for his viral video of (now-former) Mizzou communications professor Melissa Click calling for "muscle" to  remove him from a ConcernedStudent1950 racial protest encampment.  

But that encampment was on public property (the Mizzou campus) and Schierbecker caught the heat of the moment at a momentous time.  

His Planned Parenthood cam instead generates heat with fires he stokes.  At the rally over reproductive rights and State Sen. Kurt Schaefer on a bright, hot day, Schierbecker trespasses on private property and needles the occupants.  

"Shame on Schaefer!  Shame on Schaefer!" chant the protestors, gathered on the public sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood building on Providence Rd.    Well aware of Schierbecker's notoriety, they shove banners in front of his camera and belittle him for filing charges against Click for assault. 

Those charges, coupled with months of controversy, prompted Mizzou's Board of Curators to terminate Click's employment.

"Stop pushing me, asshole!"  a man screams at Schierbecker from behind a blue banner.  "Don't touch me, you fucking asshole!  You pushed me!  That's assault!"   The man carries on so loudly, a fellow protestor insists he stop

"We don't want that," she says.   

"But I got him to go away," the screaming man insists.    "He pushed me.  He's a racist fucking pig!   He pushed me!"

"He did not," the woman says.  "He has every right to be on the sidewalk."

Schierbecker leaves the public street to film on Planned Parenthood's property.   The property division is striking:  a tall, black wrought iron fence erected after threats of violence to Planned Parenthood clients, advocates, and personnel.  

"Please get off our property," a woman wearing a Shame on Schaefer T-shirt tells him.   "You're trespassing." 

But instead of leaving, "What's your name?" Schierbecker asks the woman.   "How do you have that authority?" 

"Because I'm the manager here," she responds.  "So go ahead and get off our property."

"Do you have a business card?" he asks.  "How do I know who you are?"

"I don't need a business card," she says.  "Get off the property, please.  You're trespassing."

Schierbecker argues that he's an "independent journalist" and continues filming, despite further warnings and a call to 911. 

"Every time you do this, this is like fuel for the conservative media," he advises a man carrying a "We Do Not Harvest Baby Parts" poster. 

"They don't need fuel," the man responds.