Continuing our profiles of Columbia's Top Ten Black Leaders
COLUMBIA, 1/2/12 (Beat Byte) -- The founder of Granny's House, an energetic mix of seven Christian programs for children with an apropos phone number -- 442-LOVE -- Pamela Ingram is a University of Missouri School of Journalism grad whose passion for the needs of children reflects the biblical adages of Jesus, who often referred to the innocence and humanity of the child as one of the Earth's greatest blessings. 
With husband Ellis Ingram, M.D., a pathologist and long-time leader in medical education diversity at the University of Missouri, Pam Ingram embraces her young charges with a decidedly whole-person approach. She led Granny's House to a big arts win for the Columbia Arts League in 2008, for instance. 

With husband Ellis, she started CALEB, a pre-medicine and science program for children that tackles everything from nuclear energy to ultrasound technology.