COLUMBIA, 11/5/11 (Beat Byte) -- Quietly over the past decade, Columbia glass artist Susan Taylor Glasgow (left) has become a major figure in the international world of glass sculpture, and a new exhibit at SOFA Chicago further confirms her status among the world's top sculptors.

The Communal Nest
, Taylor-Glasgow's 10 foot glass bird's nest -- an ironic take on the fragility of home and hearth -- will be featured in the SOFA sculpture court this year.

Billed as the world's foremost exhibit of contemporary art and design -- SOFA, the International Exhibition of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art -- will take place November 4-6 at Chicago's Navy Pier Festival Hall and repeat in New York City next April.

"A special thank you to my friends at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Bullseye Glass, my good buddy Susan Hart at Huebert Builders, the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, Women and Girls Foundation, the many artists who made small glass twigs for 'The Communal Nest,' and of course my patient husband, Brian," Taylor-Glasgow said. "Creating the piece was an amazing journey."

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