COLUMBIA, 12/22/11  (Beat Byte) --  Richard Buchanan invented an entirely new mixed-medium art form.  Paula Curry is a real-life shaman whose spiritual visions appear on her stunning woodwork.  Everyone loves Liz Mitchell's photographs -- so much so that they routinely borrow her images, sometimes without credit or payment, most notably for Roots and Blues events (naughty naughty, Santa says). 

All this I learned and more from TieDye Queen Karen, as we rounded Columbia's catacombs, gazing at pottery by Marsha Ely, Dana Hartgrove, and Lynn Woodward;  apparel by Peace Kitty, where every sale helps the Humane Society;  more photography by Jennifer Market and Marcella and Charles Feagans, where "capturing God's beauty is our business"; and more woodwork by Kandace Larissa and Samantha Kay Mullins, aka Metah Wonders
"In all, we have roughly 57 artists in Artlandish and the Catacombs," Lisa Bartlett told me.  Fifty seven artists who, as Karen told me, share their love -- with each other and their customers.   It's a visual holiday feast with an old-fashioned festive atmosphere that transports shoppers back to Columbia's past.  

SANTA'S WRAP:  A Gift-Giver's Guide to Columbia's Catacombs
North Village Arts Neighborhood
1019 E. Walnut
Columbia, Missouri
(Just a partial list of the many artists and artisans.)
Paintings, Sculpture, Fiber and Mixed Media
Lisa Bartlett's Artlandish Gallery
Including jewelry, quilts, prints, and sculptures by: 
N. Kautz
Peg Craig's SquarePeg Pottery
Patty Doyle
Artrageous Mixed Media artists
Merri Hunter
Liz Mitchell
Ceramics and Pottery
Jacqueline and Jodianne Pepper
Marsha Ely
Dana Hartgrove
Lynn Woodward
Cecil Nuzum


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