Clever short has German dictator fretting over his infamous bunker
COLUMBIA, 3/4/12  (Beat Byte) --  A new video poking serious fun at Columbia's latest policy gaffe has German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler furious City Hall has just declared most of the city blighted, and worried that before long, Garagezilla II will rise atop his bunker. 

"It's like Napoleon taking Brussels!  Sherman taking Atlanta!  Hitler taking Czechoslovakia!" the Fuhrer fumes in "Hitler Reacts to Blight."   
"Don't worry," says a woman who overhears the rant.  "He'll realize the irony later."   
From the Oscar-nominated film "Der Untergang," or Downfall, the "Hitler reacts" parodies started in 2006, with the German dictator ranting about the lack of new features in a Microsoft game called Flight Simulator X.    Portrayed with frightening realism by actor Bruno Ganz, Hitler speaks in fiery German, with subtitles adding the hysterical overlay.   In five years, 560 video parody uploads, and over 30 million views, Hitler has ranted about everything from iPads to Hillary Clinton. 
Closer to home, the Fuhrer has weighed in on Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith; a policy of no personal computers at the journalism school; and Mizzou's move to the SEC
About the Blight Decree and Enhanced Enterprise Zone it might facilitate, "They say tax revenues will go up if someone develops a property," one of Hitler's generals tries to explain. 
"Up?  Up?  They are giving a 50% tax break!" the Fuhrer explodes.   "How can that make revenues go up?!" 
The Rise, Rise, and Rise of the Downfall Hitler parodies

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