COLUMBIA, 9/3/11  (Beat Byte) --  To further report citizen opinion in Columbia, the Heart Beat will run snippets from a 112-page 2011 survey commissioned by City Hall.   Percentages pertain only to persons who answered survey questions.
Columbia citizens gave city parks, utlities, and public safety A-minuses and B-pluses -- in the eighty percent satisfaction range.   But satisfaction rates for code enforcement were low, trending in the 50% range -- an "F" on most tests and exams.
Code enforcement
Fifty-eight (58%) were satisfied with the maintenance of business property.
57% were satisfied with animal regulations.
51% were satisfied with maintenance of residential property
50% of residents feel that City code enforcement should increased over the next two years.
Residents think cleaning up litter and debris on private property is the code enforcement service most important for the City to provide.
Parks, public safety, and utilities
Eighty-eight percent (88%) satisfied with City parks and recreation programs
85% satisfied with solid waste services,
82% satisfied with City utility services
81% satisfied with public safety services

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