COLUMBIA, 10/3/11  (Beat Byte) --  Since 2005, public satisfaction with city services has declined in several key areas, according to a 112-page 2011 survey commissioned by the City of Columbia.  
In 2005, 81% of survey respondents were satisfied with the Quality of services provided by the City.  That figure rose to 84% in 2007, but declined to 80% in 2011.  
In both 2005 and 2007, 84% of surveyed residents were satisfied with the Overall quality of life in the City.  But in 2011, that figure had fallen dramatically -- off six percentage points, to 78%
Only 64% of survey respondents said they had an Overall feeling of safety in the City in 2011.  That figure was down seven percentage points from 2007 (71% satisfied) and three percentage points from 2005 (67% satisfied)


Satisfaction with the Overall value received for City tax dollars/fees was up to 57% in 2011 from 54% in 2005.  But the figure was down from 58% in 2007. 
The only satisfaction rating that was up from 2005 and 2007 was How well the City is planning for growth.  But that figure remained low - only 37% of respondents expressed satisfaction in 2011. 

In answer to a new question, 51% of respondents were satisfied with The direction the City is heading in 2011.  

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