Eating out just got more expensive

COLUMBIA, Mo  8/22/17 (Beat Byte) -- Columbia city manager Mike Matthes  plans such a dizzying array of utility rate and city fee hikes for the coming year, we can't get them all into one story.  

So welcome to The Daily Rate Hike, our run up to the new city budget due out this Fall.  

Matthes has raised rates, fees, fines, and taxes every year since he took office in 2011, helping earn Columbia the title "Highest Cost of Living" in Missouri city in 2015.   

To keep readers informed, we're covering this year's fee hikes, rate and tax increases in The Daily Rate Hike, our supplemental report on how you WILL pay more.   

Today's Rate Hike:  Restaurant Inspection Fees
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Like to eat out or hit happy hour?   Expect your food and bar tab to rise, as City Hall raises annual restaurant inspection fees 10-11%.        

That's not all.   If a restaurant fails its first inspection (a growing certainty as inspections become a bigger city government money maker), re-inspections are also up 10%, from $100 to $110 a pop.   

Want to serve food at a festival or event?   Event food inspection fees are up from 8% to 16%, depending on the event length (1-15 days). 

Want to open a restaurant?    You'll pay a whopping 33% more in so-called "food establishment plan review fees," anywhere from $130 to $400. 

That's your daily rate hike, brought to you by Columbia city manager Mike Matthes.

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