MatthesMatthesInterview with Ginny Chadwick.  Continued from page 1

CHB (Mike Martin):  I'd like to know what has transpired between you and city manager Matthes regarding the TIF district.   Would this be a good place (Facebook messenger) to send questions? 

CHADWICK:  "Transpired" is an interesting choice of words at this point as I am a candidate and can't make anything occur yet so anything transpiring is simply inquiry to gain knowledge and understanding from all in the community but yes ask away and I'll answer anything that I have the answer to at this point.  

CHB:   Thanks, Ginny.  These questions are for a story in the Heart Beat.

Has Mr. Matthes -- or any of his staff -- contacted you?

CHADWICK:   Yes.  I receive city emails notifying me of public events and information for the candidates.  I have also had individual meetings with staff.   Information requested during those meetings were email to all candidates in the race for First Ward Council.

CHB:  If so, did Mr. Matthes bring up the TIF or did you?

CHADWICK:   Yes, the TIF has been brought up at the candidate orientation, several pre-council meetings, the TIF Commission meeting all of which I have been in attendance at.   Other than the candidate orientation, I have been the only candidate in attendance at these informational sessions.

CHB:   If you discussed the TIF with Mr. Matthes, did he discuss it objectively, without any lobbying or advocacy?  Or did he actively advocate for it, and explain to you why you should support it, too?

CHADWICK:   City staff has made clear that they propose this as the only viable option to solve the immediate needs of the downtown infrastructure.   This was reiterated by Tony St. Romaine at the TIF Commission meeting on Tuesday.

CHB:    Did Mr. Matthes say anything to you about having three votes in favor and three votes against the TIF, with your vote being the tie-breaker (assuming you're elected)?

CHADWICK:  Matthes has not indicated that there are three votes in favor or against the TIF.   I have also not been told by the councilman or the mayor where they stand on the issue.   At this time I am trying to gain as much understanding of the issue independently of where the votes currently stand, from the people of our community, the taxing stakeholders and the commission.

CHB:  Did you make any mention to anyone that your vote on the TIF would be the tie-breaker, assuming you are elected?

CHADWICK:   Until elected I do not know that it is my vote.  Until I know that factual information on where each candidate stands what I make mention of in my hypothesizing about this issue is far from newsworthy. 
It will be a difficult place to be as a new elect if they are a tie-breaker on this controversial issue and I hope that the city come to more of a consensus on how the immediate need to our infrastructure be addressed.   Failing sewer infrastructure in our central city is a public health issue.

CHB:  Have you discussed the TIF with any member of Mr. Matthes' staff, and if so, what was the context of the discussion?

CHADWICK:   I have not discussed the TIF with any member of Matthes’ staff other than Matthes himself during an individual meeting.   I explained what I understood of the TIF to make sure the information that I was taking out of the meetings was factual and accurate to what the city was trying to convey.  Matthes confirmed that my understanding was correct.

Thank you for understanding this and I look forward to running an open, honest campaign for First Ward Council with you or anyone else who choses to ask of my political stance feeling informed.