COLUMBIA, 8/26/11  (Beat Byte) --  Trying to find information about the City of Columbia Ward Reapportionment process at the city's website?     
Good luck!
At the official Ward Reapportionment Committee home page, none of the navigation links go anywhere but to one upcoming agenda.   Searching for other materials returns an error message. 
Links that are supposed to direct you to official City Council documents instead go nowhwere:
But wait!    There's a second Ward Reapportionment Committee home page at this link. 
It has a confusing array of links, including two links that appear to go to the same information: the agenda and minutes for the committee's July 12 meeting:
Meeting minutes appear for the Committee's May meeting, but don't appear again until July 28
One link on that page says it best:  Bad URL. 
To make sense of it all, follow these links directly:

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