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-- New Business in North Central: Klik's Restaurant and Bar
-- Compliments and Kudos: Victor Phelps Revives 604 North 7th
-- Cantin Can Do: Bill Cantin's Neighborhood Response Team Report
-- News-U-Can-Use -- MO-CRP: Tax Credits for Renters
-- The Take Away from John Clark v. Almeta Crayton
-- The Blotter Blog: Neighborhood Arrests
-- Who's Reading

-- New North Central Business: Klik's Restaurant and Bar

I've eaten several late lunches at Klik's lately, a new casual restaurant and bar located at 205 N. Tenth St, in the old Crazy Music warehouse kitty corner from Wabash Station. Owner Karen Krone renovated the building, in a charming style reminiscent of old town Kansas City or St. Louis. The food's excellent and the prices reasonable.

Klik's serves deli food, soups and salads from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Karen Krone also owns Snapper's Bar at 12 S. Seventh St., which she opened more than three years ago.

-- Compliments and Kudos: Victor Phelps revives 604 North 7th

Harrisburg resident Victor Phelps has done wonders with 604 North 7th, a once dour, drab yellow and brown duplex he purchased from local realtor Dan Johnson at the south entrance to North 7th Street, just off Hickman near Jeff Jr.

Phelps tells us he may already have the house sold -- to an owner-occupant no less! He has no intention of turning it back into a rental and the work he's doing proves his point. Check it out -- it looks like a new house and a great new addition to the 7th Street renaissance!

-- Cantin Can Do: The Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) Report

NRT leader Bill Cantin says "Thanks for the continued heads up, and let me know how else I can help," in response to recent inquiries about several problem properties in the neighborhood. Here's the latest heads up from his office:

"309 N. Fifth has been sent an NRT letter. We'll give them until December 1, and if there's no progress on our items (gutters, debris pile, etc.) we'll likely put together a probable cause statement to forward to Municipal Court for legal action.

"411 N. 5th St. has been acquired by the City, and we're waiting for Legal to let us know that we hold clear title to the property before moving forward with the demolition. My understanding with Parks & Rec is that most of the leg work for the demolition is already complete, so barring anything unforseen the structure should be down by the end
of the month.

[Tony Messenger wrote about 411 N. 5th last year. (Address in article is a typo.)]

On the collapsing concrete garage at 709 N. 6th St.:

"The garage in the rear hasn't been removed per our NRT letter sent this past May. [Building Inspector] Brenda (Canaday) is going to make an official PI contact, and we'll move forward from there."

-- News-U-Can-Use -- MO-CRP: Tax Credits for Renters

If you're a renter, be sure to check out Missouri form MO-CRP when you file your taxes. You MAY be eligible for a TAX CREDIT of up to $750.00 for rent paid during the year.

-- The Take Away from John Clark v. Almeta Crayton

Reports in the Trib have several people saying Miss Almeta is difficult to contact. Suggest Office Hours at City Hall for Council Members (if they so desire) and a stipend for council business and meetings. And if we have council members who need better communication tools, then perhaps such tools could be provided by we the people, via our city government.

-- The Blotter Blog: Neighborhood Arrests reported by the Columbia Tribune

1) Nicole Elizabeth Harvey, 23, of 1114 N. Eighth St., parole or
probation violation, out-of-county warrant, possession of controlled
substance, deceiving police, $5,240.50 bond

Property Owner of Record, 1114 N. Eighth St. : Payne Enterprises,

2) Daniel William Coffman, 45, of 616 Park Ave., sexual assault,
$4,500 bond.
3)  Natina Rochelle Cartagena, 34, of 616 Park Ave., failure to follow
judge's orders, $109.62 bond.

Property Owner of Record, 616 Park Ave. : Columbia Housing Authority
Address of record for Interfaith Day Center/Loaves & Fishes Soup

3) April Rae Nida, 32, of 1104 N. Eighth St., prostitution

Property Owner of Record, 1104 N. Eighth St. : Forrest-Heckman
Properties, LLC

-- Who's Reading

Among our 150 readers, we'd like to send a shout out to:

Darwin Hindman, City Mayor
Bill Watkins, City Manager
Linda Rootes, NCCNA co-founder
Dan Cullimore and the Corner Action Committee
Bill Cantin, NRT Director
Keith Schnarre, Presiding County Commissioner
Darin Preis, School Board member and CMCA Director
Chuck Graham, State Senator
Judy Baker, State Representative
Laura Nauser, City Council member
Brian Pape, AIA, Chairperson, Columbia Historic Preservation
Tracy Kleekamp-Wilson, Community Advocate
Tom Warhover, Missourian Editor in Chief
Hank Waters, Tribune Editor in Chief
Matt LeBlanc, Tribune City Reporter
Matt LeCasse, KFRU News Reporter

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