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STREET LEGAL? School buses parked on narrow streets raise neighbor ire

COLUMBIA, 4/26/12  (Beat Byte) -- Long-term school bus parking on narrow residential streets has neighbors up in arms about traffic safety. 

Operated by First Student for Columbia Public Schools, the long yellow buses are wide enough to take up an entire lane on some residential streets.  With such a large blind spot, passing the parked buses can be risky business.

"I wouldn't mind if it were parked for just a few hours, but the bus is here night and day," said a Sanford Avenue resident who asked to remain unidentified.  "I thought they were supposed to keep the buses in a bus barn." 

A bus parked on North Glenwood Avenue, just before the turn onto Ash, has residents on that street concerned about the blind spot it creates when people enter and leave driveways.  "You can't see around it, and it becomes really hard to judge what might be coming," said a resident who requested anonymity.  "I think one of my neighbors drives this bus."

First Student representatives say their policy is to allow drivers to take the buses home, but not if they create any hazards.

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