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UNDISCOVERED CHRISTMAS: Local gift ideas you may not have heard about

COLUMBIA, 12/11/11  (Op-Ed) --  For the next several issues, the Columbia Heart Beat will be visiting local merchants about potential Christmas gifts, asking them "what are the one or two items in your store you wish people knew more about?"
We'll start that list with some of the most awesome relish -- or is it jam? -- this writer has ever tasted -- or is it devoured?
What is it:    Not exactly a relish, not exactly a jam or jelly, not exactly hot, not exactly mild, but exactly awesome!  Put this out with those ubiquitous Christmas party vegetable trays (which unlike the sweets and spiked punch, never seem to disappear) and watch those veggies vanish. 
Where discovered:  Columbia Hy Vee, but you can also call Fontanella Foods, 816-561-9120
Where made:  New Bloomfield, Mo by Awesome Family Tradition Foods
Tag line:  All the flavor with none of the heat! 
Cool aspects:  Gluten free and bears the official Missouri Agri Business stamp
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