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TRASHING YOUR BUDGET: CoMo City Hall raising garbage rates for 4th time in 4 years

Another Daily Rate Hike report
COLUMBIA, Mo  9/15/17 (Beat Byte) --  The bill you pay to haul trash away will go up -- again -- if Columbia city manager Mike Matthes convinces Council members Monday night to vote "yes" on an array of residential and commercial garbage hauling rate hikes

The increases would mark the fourth time Matthes has spiked garbage collection costs since 2011.  

Single-family, duplex, triplex  and four-plex residents will see their monthly rates rise 4%, from $15.42 to $16.04.
Apartment residents will also see a 4% monthly rate increase, from the current $14.67 to $15.26, for dumpster disposal.   Apartment owners and managers who use single billing for entire complexes will pay 4% more, $14.42 to $15.00 per apartment unit per month.

Major appliance pickup will rise 20%, from the current $18.93 to $22.75 for appliances that use refrigerants; $12.62 to $15.19 for appliances not requiring refrigerants. 
Those who take their trash to the dump will pay fourteen percent more per ton, with the fee rising from $45.76 to $52.   The minimum fee for cars, pickups, vans, and trailers will rise 20%, from $20.80 to $25.
Over a dozen specialty trash hauling and dumping rates will also increase October 1, if the City Council approves the rate hikes.   Visit this link for the complete list.
Matthes pushed the City Council to approve garbage rate hikes in 2014, 2015, and 2016. 

Ten individual fees went up in 2014 for services from appliance pickup to a near 100% fee increase for cars, pickups, and vans dumping trash at the city landfill.  
Council-approved 2015 utility rate hikes pushed up landfill fees another 8%; commercial garbage rates, 10%; roll-off dumpster rates, 10%; downtown garbage rates, 10%; and reduced black garbage bag distribution from 75 to 50 per year.   

In 2016, Matthes and the City Council hiked commercial garbage rates and landfill fees. 
Visit the Columbia Heart Beat for the extraordinary list of all the City Hall 2017-18 rate and fee hikes.

Voice your opinion.   Contact the Columbia City Council:

Brian Treece, Mayor

Clyde Ruffin

Michael Trapp

Karl Skala

Betsy Peters  
Mike Matthes, Columbia city manager

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