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LATEST EEZ MAP: Blights 30% of Columbia


COLUMBIA, 10/15/12 (Beat Byte) -- The latest EEZ map released by REDI -- Regional Economic Development, Inc. -- blights about 1/3rd of Columbia, down from nearly 2/3rds initially, but still far too much for many citizens to tolerate.  The map includes several residential neighborhoods, and was designed by Columbia's EEZ/Blight board.  "No members on that board have created any jobs -- not one," said an attendee at a recent visioning conference.  

Blighted areas are noted in red on the map. 

More protests are planned at the Blight board's next meeting, Wednesday, October 17, 5-7 pm at Columbia City Hall.

"Since this EEZ/Blight program will negatively affect our schools and City budget, the Board needs to know that Columbians are opposed to their plans to give tax breaks to large private corporations," said protest participant Linda Green.  "The Board needs to know that we do not want any area of our City declared a "Blight" zone."  


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